The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 & Traffic Geyser Reviews (Introduction)

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The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 Review Contents

frank mike The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 & Traffic Geyser Reviews (Introduction)

Mike Koenigs & Frank Kern

The number of products and services in the internet marketing arena that claim to provide the “secret” to financial abundance are too many to count.

There’s no doubt that some of these products will surely do what they say on the box but as you’ve probably already experienced, most of these are just a bunch of hype.

The reality is that there is an excessive amount of “get rich quick” scams out there that have given credible internet marketers a “bad name” so to speak, and it’s very easy to be scarred by their sly tactics. At times, I even find that even I take on the defensive position when I’m being sold to, just because I know that there’s a good chance what they’re offering is an empty promise.

Frank Kern & Mass Control 2.0

Having said that, I purchased Frank Kern’s Mass Control 2.0 on the day it was released(Feb 16th), the infamous internet marketing product from the web’s most prolific internet marketer.

If you’re not familiar with Frank or any of his products, then read the following will clue you up:

  • Frank dropped out of College to find an easier way of making money
  • In 1999 he had his first taste of internet marketing success
  • His “Underachiever Mastery” taught how to maximize on profit with minimum effort
  • His last internet marketing product, Mass Control, quickly became a phenomenal hit
  • He has worked with people such as Anthony Robbins

Frank is well-known for his sell-out product launches, events and seminars and has a huge online following. Obviously, with any product that focuses on selling through a huge hype campaign, there’s a certain level of controversy surrounding his marketing techniques and (at times) extravagant price tags.

Personally, I’ve only just found out about the guy. I don’t own any of his products (Mass Control 2.0 hasn’t arrived yet…) and I still have my reservations, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending a whopping $1997 on his product.

mass control 2 The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 & Traffic Geyser Reviews (Introduction)

Apparently so good it deserved a second edition

Why? Well, after taking the 60 day money back guarantee into account, I also spent a considerable length of time researching Kern and… well… I couldn’t find a single negative review.

Normally, it’s commonplace to find some disgruntled customers of a product that promises the earth and more, but the closest I got to finding dirt on this guy was in a review that only speculated that Frank’s products couldn’t perform as hyped… and yet I found overwhelming evidence to the contrary in every other direction I looked.

Now, apparently, Frank’s products sell out within record times.

The first Mass Control campaign saw 2,500 units sell in only 54 minutes

>> Visit the Mass Control 2.0 landing page <<

However, this product launch didn’t quite manage to pull it off within 54 minutes, but within the space of a few days (please comment if I’m wrong on this one guys), but to be fair that’s still an impressive feat for 2,500 units at almost two thousand dollars each in a time of economic recession (the deadly R word!).

traffic geyser The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 & Traffic Geyser Reviews (Introduction)

Reportedly the best in traffic generating solutions

Mike Koenigs & Traffic Geyser

Mike and Traffic Geyser came to my attention early this year when I purchased SiteBuildIt! I found Traffic Geyser by complete chance on the SiteBuildIt! forums (which in turn led me to Kern) and after seeing the promotional video I wanted to know everything about it.

What Traffic Geyser does is basically:

  • Automate account creation on social media sites such as YouTube and Google Video
  • Automate video uploads to these sites
  • Provide useful reports on video marketing campaigns
  • and a host of other useful tools that compliment the above

According to eMarketer (2007), over 52% of the internet traffic is entirely made up of video (this figure will have increased by now). Traffic Geyser states that by using its services you are dramatically improving your ability to tap into this source.

In the Traffic Geyser blog you’ll find a bunch of resources that may help you with video marketing FAQ’s such as:

  • how do I create high quality marketing videos? and
  • what software and hardware should I use?

There are also some marketing videos such as his interview with Joe Polish, who is a renowned self-made marketing guru and has a vast experience in the online marketing arena.

One of my concerns with Traffic Geyser is that it carries with it a substantially large monthly subscription fee. Because there are already a number of free services out there that offer the same approach to online marketing as TG, I find it a little harder to justify this cost… However, Traffic Geyser’s Gold package can be test driven for a 30 day trial period giving you a good idea of how it all works and more importantly, whether or not it works. Since I’ve unloaded my pockets on Mass Control 2.0, the Traffic Geyser trial is what we’ll be using.

Since one of Traffic Geyser’s unique selling points is its ability to do all the hard work for you and more, in a much smaller time frame (uploading videos can be a real pain, especially if you have to sign up and fill out your profile first), I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for 30 days.

The Reviews

Originally these reviews were going to be packaged together in the same series of blog posts but after a rethink, I’ve decided to divide them into their own respective series. This is so that I can keep things simple and also review each product with the undivided attention (I thought that it might cause problems to put one review after the other in a long blog post as many readers might get tired in the second half).

So, to cap it all off – what I’ll be posting over the next few weeks will be in-depth information on:

  • What the products are and what they actually do (features, objectives etc.)
  • Ease of use
  • How quickly they get to work
  • Problems I encounter
  • Product support
  • Additional resources
  • The Pro’s and Con’s

Now, I’m completely new to all of this, just as you probably are. All I know is that these products are supposed to be extremely effective at what they do when used properly, and that they are apparently staple ingredients in any online marketing diet.

If you want to know how this all turns out, click here to keep informed. When we get started it’s going to be an amazing ride not just for us but for anyone who wants to know more about these two products… See you soon.

P.S. To find out more about Frank Kern then visit
P.P.S. To find out more about Traffic Geyser then visit

The Ultimate Mass Control 2.0 Review Contents

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