How to Make Money With Nothing – Part 1

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A couple of weeks ago, we went to London to attend The Dollarmakers Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp. Along with 20+ participants, we learned over 15 concrete, step-by-step ways of how to make money with little or no money, time, expertise, products, customers or even with no business of your own.

The speaker was Robin J. Elliot, President of Dollarmakers and Elliott Enterprises. He had written over 6 books including

  • “Joint Adventure”
  • “Life is a Joint Adventure”
  • “Break Free”
  • “How to Double Your Profits in 97 Days” and
  • “How to Retire in One Year”

(These books were actually retailing for about $15 each before but for a limited time only Dollarmakers is giving them away for FREE! Grab your copies now and download them here.)

Our Joint Venture education began when I stumbled upon Robin’s extensive online materials a couple of months ago when I was looking for ways to make money online. Robin’s blogs and videos about Joint Venture brokering came up in my searches because I was using in keyword searches meant to find ways  to make honest money that required no technical skills, expensive capital outlay, products, or existing customer base.

Joint venture brokering really resonated with me because:

  1. It has very low barriers to entry but the competition is almost nil. Anyone can be a JV broker regardless of ability, financial situation, level of expertise, age, experience, level of education, but not many people are doing it or even knows about it.
  2. It requires little or no money and time, and thus involve little or no risk. If the  deal works, then great, but if not, then nobody lose anything so you simply move on and arrange another one.
  3. It is founded on the principles of Abundance. The mindset of a successful JV broker is customer-focused; the deals are carried out in a win-win, cooperative, and fair manner; Best of all, JV brokering promotes the effective practice of leveraging other people’s resources to produce massive results for everyone involved.
  4. You can work on your own time, by your own rules, and choose who you work with. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world, or work in as many different types of industries.

The funny thing was that we were able to secure year’s worth of free membership to the Dollarmakers Joint Venture Club because Clément made a deal with Robin. Clément contacted Robin and offered to design whatever materials (websites, marketing materials, etc) Robin needed in exchange for any of his Joint Venture learning resources. Robin agreed and in the end was very pleased with Clément’s work, so that he not only gave Clément year’s worth of free Dollarmakers membership, but Robin extended the privilege to me as well!

We were both very delighted because to be perfectly honest, we got the best end of the deal. Our free Dollarmakers membership gave us access to a rich collection of  videos, audio files, books and workbooks about Joint Venture brokering, but the best thing about it is being a part of an online community of like-minded people willing and ready to do joint ventures with us. In fact, if you’re a woman or you know one who’s interested in networking with successful people and making money, Dollarmakers Womens Club just opened its doors recently and started giving away their membership for FREE. I don’t know when this is going to last so please read (or forward to your friends) my previous post entitled An Exclusive Invitation for Entrepreneurial Women.

They say that the best way to learn something is teach it, so I’m writing this series of posts to share what I’ve learned from our Dollarmakers education so far.

This series is a MUST read for you if:

  • you’re actively seeking for legitimate, honest, lucrative ways to earn extra money
  • you’re self-employed or a business owner looking for ways to boost your bottomline profits easily, quickly and effectively
  • you’re looking for ways to become financially free
  • you’re looking for tried and tested ways to set up passive streams of income so you can retire as early as possible
  • you’re currently in a job you hate and you’re looking for ways to make more and more money on the side so you can eventually quit
  • you’re looking for flexible ways to earn money while working from home

It’s really exciting because literally anyone – regardless of their present circumstance,  can get started and profit from Joint Venture brokering.   All you need is the right mindset, a proactive and can-do attitude, a solutions-oriented approach, and a great desire to genuinely help others succeed.

In this series, I will cover:

  1. What is a Joint Venture and how to broker Joint Venture Deals
  2. The Right Mindset for brokering Joint Ventures
  3. Examples of Easy, Profitable and Simple Joint Venture Deals
  4. Links to Resources, learning materials, websites, blogs, and more about Joint Ventures

Now I know you already have 5 FREE ebooks waiting to be read, but if you just can’t wait and you want to see a really intensive FREE 90-minute Video about Joint Venture brokering, read my previous article How to Make Money with No Risk, Fast and get access to it now. Be warned: if JV brokering is a new concept to you, this video will totally turn your understanding about making money upside down and you’ll never be the same person again.

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