How to Make Honest Money With No Risk, Fast

1016562 16303964 300x208 How to Make Honest Money With No Risk, Fast What if someone tells you that there is a way to make honest, easy money that requires no risk, no money and very little time?

What if someones tells you that it doesn’t matter if you have no business, no product of your own, or no established customer base?

What if someone tells you that you can succeed in it even if you are not a sales or marketing expert, even if  you have no college degree, no specialised experience, or that you don’t even need money to make money?

What if someone tells you that there is a way of making money where failure is virtually impossible because you take no risks in the first place, and neither do the people you are involved with, so even if things don’t go to plan nobody loses anything?

What if someone tells you that you can do it wherever in the world you are, that you can use this method with anybody and apply it in any type of business, that you can do it whether you are 18 or 70, whether you are jobless or homeless?

Sounds too far-fetched? Would you say it’s too good to be true?

That’s what I thought so, too when I first heard about it. I mean, wasn’t it a fact that you need money to make money? That only the rich get richer? That you need to know big shots in order to ‘make’ it in this world?

Apparently not. I know better now. These are just some of the false beliefs that I’ve learned to undo when I stumbled upon the concept of Joint Ventures brokering.

Over the next entries, I’ll be sharing with you everything I know about it here, give you free resources and tools, and also share my experiences and results from my own joint ventures brokering endeavours.

So what is Joint Ventures and how do you do it? Here’s a taster video from Robin J. Elliott of the Dollarmakers Global Club, giving you a glimpse of the many wonders of Joint Ventures.

If you want to find out more, here is a 90-minute video discussing many step-by-step action plans and real-world examples of how exactly you can start making money now by brokering Joint Ventures. The video is called “How Anyone Can Make Money with Joint Ventures”. You can access it by clicking the link.

Feel free to forward this blog entry to anybody you know whom you think could benefit from making honest, ethical money with little risk and little time and share the abundance.

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  • Marj Galangco

    Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for dropping by and letting us know your thoughts, we highly appreciate it. Are you a member of the Dollarmakers, too?

    • Shawn Christenson

      Indeed I am – have been since 2006. What I’ve learned from Mr. Elliott has changed my business in BIG ways.

  • Shawn Christenson

    You’re preaching to the choir here – but I found you because of your linkback on JVBlogger – you’ve got a cool site with some good content going on. I’ll subscribe to your RSS so i can keep up to date :)

  • Clément Yeung

    Yes, this is an excellent way of making money.