How to Make a High Converting Lead Generation Page

Imagine that you paid for ads and ran several traffic generation campaigns. You’ve leveraged some relationships, mobilized some partnerships, scored a respectable media exposure and now hundreds and thousands  of targeted prospects are flocking to the URL you provided. Su-wweeeet!

A few thousand views later, you still got no emails.

No phone calls.

No enquiries.

All that effort and yet you’ve come away empty handed.

You have no more leads than when you started.

Why oh why did this happen?

It was because you didn’t drive the traffic to a page where there is an opt-in section designed to generate leads by capturing the details of your website visitors. You actually *hoped* they would peruse your website, drool over your portfolio, get wowed by your superpowers and fill out on the Contact Form and send you a message akin to here’s-my-money-please-take-it-where-do-I-sign-now.

Yeah right. ‘cuz people really DO that kinda thing.


Well thankfully it’s not real because you had just been imagining that dreadful scenario.

If it actually happened, then to make sure you don’t end up in the same situation again, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a lead-generating page that you can use as a way to promote your business online.

Step 1. Create a ‘Money Magnet’

Your ‘money magnet’ is the freebie that you will offer to give away in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses. In our case for example, we give away a Free Digital Marketing Strategies E-Guide available here.

Detailed tips on how to create a money magnet can be found here.

Step 2. Write a Compelling copy

The first step to writing a compelling copy is to know your prospects so you know which buttons to press (their HOT buttons). So do your market research!

Then, create a headline that appeals to their strongest motivation and one that grabs their interest. There are many tactics you can use to do this, and one of them is to give compelling benefits.

Asking someone for their email address nowadays is akin to asking for a serious commitment. You really are asking the person to enter into a relationship with you when you ask for permission to contact them. So make sure you communicate clearly and compellingly how exactly you plan to enrich their lives and why it’s worth their while to hear from you again.

You can do this by focusing not on features, but on BENEFITS! Lay them all out in bullet points – make them clear, specific, and tell them what exactly they’re gonna get, and what results they could achieve by doing what you are asking them to. In short, don’t just sell what you are going to send them (an “ebook”, a “report”, an audio file), but sell the outcome that your money magnet will help them achieve!

By the way, headlines in red had been shown to convert well, although you may also want to test if your market responds better to a blue or black headline (see step 6 below).

Step 3. Follow Design Principles that Convert.

Here are some quick and simple tips on how to make your page convert better:

Make it ultra targeted and relevant to the visitors. Don’t just have one opt-in page for everybody. You will get better results if you create custom landing pages for each traffic source. For example, people who landed on your opt-in page by clicking a specific Pay per click (PPC) advert that says:

Free Coupon

Free Discount Vouchers
Free Printable Vouchers

Naturally people who click on that ad will expect to land on a page that will give them access to free vouchers. If you direct them to a page that doesn’t meet the expectations set by the ad, your landing page will not convert much.

Enter the conversations they are already having inside their Heads. For example, if you’re selling a relationship improvement program that could help women from age 27 to 50, there are many sub-niches in that market:

  1. women without children who just got divorced
  2. women who are single moms and looking to remarry
  3. women who really want to meet Mr. Right but suffer from severe social anxiety attacks
  4. women who have severe weight problems

All of these groups are interested in the same thing, yet their perspectives and the conversations they are having inside their heads vary, which is why you will have increased success if you communicate specifically to a particular targeted group.

Use appropriate video or graphics. They may be positioned above the opt-in fields. If you are going to use a video, make it short and sweet and make it AUTOPLAY. There are several ways you can position the video, but normally it works well when it is directly under the headline with the bullet points below the video and the opt-in is on the right of the video.

OR you may want to just use a video completely with no bullet points on the page, and the opt in is right below the video or on the right side.

Do not ask for waaaaay too much information too soon! A serious conversion killer is asking for too much too soon. It’s like proposing to someone on the first day you met (which actually happened to me – twice. Granted, they were drunk and semi-unconscious, but still…). Just ask for their name and email address. If you really  need to get more details off them, just redirect them to another page or send them to a survey and incentivize them with an ethical bribe AFTER you have captured their email and name.

Use high quality custom graphics as much as possible. Make the button BIG, and make it color blue or yellow orange or orange. Have the text (the call to action or CTA) state something that gives a clue as to what they are going to get instead of just “Submit”. For example, make it say, “Yes! Send me my free report!”

The best graphics to use will depend on how marketing-savvy or internet-savvy your prospect is, but  sometimes moving and flashing arrows turn some people off because it looks douchey. However in some markets it converts higher. The best way to find out what you should be ding is to test your opt-in page and see how your market responds (see step 6 below).

Reassure them that their details are safe. Our tests confirm that this makes a huge difference on opt-in rates. So, assure your potential subscribers that you won’t spam them or do anything naughty with their personal information like sell or rent their personal details (You already know it’s not cool to do that though, right?).

Step 4. Link your opt-in form with your Autoresponder

AWeber is the autoresponder of our choice because it is easy to use, it’s affordable, and it’s got one of the highest deliverability rate in the industry which of course is very important.

There are many other autoresponders out there like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc but we haven’t used them so I can’t really recommend them. To link your opt-in form with your autoresponder account, you need to obtain your autoresponder’s web form code (available from your autoresponder’s admin area).

Step 5. Test to see if Everything works before you put it out there

Click on every link to test that they work.

Look for misspellings or formatting or grammar mistakes.

Open your page on all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) to make sure the page appears ok.

Step 6. Split Test!

Monitor your conversion rate. You need to have something like Google Analytics set up for this. To calculate your conversion rate, you need to find out what percentage of the traffic that lands on your page are actually performing the action you asked them to do.

Observe what works and what doesn’t work by split testing. Split testing is used to determine how well different versions of a page on your website perform. By doing this, you get to find out which design, color scheme, copy or lay out produces the highest conversion.

You can use Google’s simple (and free!) solution called Google Website Optimizer.

How does it work? Well, you create two similar versions of the same page with one element changed that you want to test. So let’s say you want to test which money magnet converts higher: a free report or 3 video tutorials giving exactly the same benefits. You could create two different squeeze pages offering different money magnets to see which one is more effective in getting people to opt in. Confused? Watch this split testing video from google to see A/B split testing in action.

But You’re Not Technical, Did You Say?

I hear you. Of course if you are time-poor, you are welcome to hire us to create high-converting Landing Pages and also split-test them for you. This is the best route for you if your time is better spent doing other things on your business that could generate you money faster. Just contact us for details.

An option for those who are time-rich but cash-poor technical dummies who really want to get started building your list: the next best thing to do is to do it yourself. (This route will require you to learn how to do semi-technical stuff so proceed only if that’s OK with you.)

I recommend you check out Optimize Press. It will let you build squeeze pages using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) user interface,  meaning you will be able to create unlimited variations of different landing pages on your own – even if you know jackshit about coding! Cool, eh!

Now you simply have no excuse. Go and get started generating leads online now. And remember: have fun! icon wink How to Make a High Converting Lead Generation Page